10 Best Golf Giveaways for Your Next Tournament or Outing

  • Apr 11, 2018

Whether you’re sponsoring a charity event or just hitting the course with your top clients, you’ll probably be providing branded promotional items for the players. What makes for a great golf gift? Think functionality and usefulness. Check out our 10 best golf giveaways as you get ready for your next event!

#1: Golf Balls.

Perhaps it goes without saying, but seriously, what golfer doesn’t need more golf balls? You can add your logo and buy them by the dozen or get creative by packaging two to three balls in a gift box. Want to invite a group of clients out for a round of golf? Send them one of these business card boxes to make an impression before you ever hit the course. We also love the full-color printing capability on custom golf ball boxes, which are less than $1 each. (Golf balls not included.) Take advantage of the extra advertising space to promote a new product, initiative or event theme.

#2: Logo Golf Towels.

Give a golfer a good quality custom golf towel, and he’ll use it.  From inexpensive hemmed towels to custom woven logos and designs, there really is a towel for every budget. Just make sure that you choose a towel that features a grommet and hook so that it can be clipped to a golf bag or golf cart during play. If you want a custom woven towel, don’t wait till the last minute, either.  Since these are made to order, you’ll need to allow at least 4-5 weeks for production and shipping.

#3: Divot Tools.

This ever practical gift is one of our bestsellers for a reason. Every golfer needs a good divot repair tool to take care of those ball marks out on the green. 

#4: Ditty Bags.

Popular among tournament sponsors, ditty bags give golfers a convenient place to store a variety of golf tools. Again, think in terms of ease of use and choose a bag with a carabiner or clip of some kind. Pair it with a divot repair tool or a set of golf tees for a budget-friendly registration gift!

#5: Golf Shoe Bags.

One of our corporate clients needed a gift for 100 players at an upcoming golf tournament, but he wanted to do something personal for the participants. He settled on a shoe bag with his logo, but we also embroidered each player’s last name on their bag. Looking for a recognizable brand? We also offer a shoe bag from Nike!

#6: Golf Umbrellas.

For many avid golfers, a little rain is no reason to miss a tee time, so why not make your logo the one they see when it’s raining outside? You can even remind the user to carry their umbrella when it’s going to rain, thanks to the new Rain Alertz app available with select umbrellas. With the app, you can even customize a message and add your logo to notifications on their smartphone!

#7: Golf Coolers/ Drinkware Kits.

Although water bottles, cups and can coolers may not be considered golf items, they definitely come in handy for staying hydrated through a round or two of golf.

We’ve put together a few golf kits featuring some of our favorite drinkware pieces, including the Yeti-inspired vacuum tumbler! Just click on the Golf Kits link to view all our specialty golf kits! 

#8: First Aid Kits:

A simple first aid kit can be really helpful when you’re spending the day out in the sun. We like many golf necessities tins, which include a day’s worth of sunscreen, lip balm, hand sanitizer, and more. Another bestselling kit combines a ditty bag, divot tool, golf tees and a golf pencil with outdoor essentials.

#9: Ball Markers.

Ball markers just might be one of the cheapest and most effective ways to get your logo noticed at your next golf event.

Poker chips also make for great ballmarkers, and metal versions really takes it up a notch. For an even greater impact, go with a magnetic ball marker attached to a hat clip!

#10: Tee Packs.

Last but certainly not least, golf tees continue to be one of our top golf giveaways. You can buy them in bulk and add a few to each player’s swag bag, or you can kit them up with other golf tools.